In Solidarity with the People of Palestine

Anakbayan-USA Stands in Solidarity with the Palestinian People Against Israel’s Continuing Campaign of Genocide


Yves Nibungco
Chairperson, Anakbayan-USA

Anakbayan-USA strongly condemns the recent military campaign of the settler-colonial state of Israel against the Palestinian people. We stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people as they uphold their right to self-determination and their right to defend themselves from the onslaught of the US-supported Israeli war machine.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has used the recent deaths of three Israeli youths as a reason to heighten their fascist war against the Palestinian people, indiscriminately bombing civilians and preparing ground forces for a land assault on what little is left of Palestinian soil. These military operations will be used to illegally occupy and steal more Palestinian land. At least 105 Palestinians have been killed, many of whom are civilians, by the constant bombardment of the Israeli military.

This is just an escalation of the continued campaign by the state of Israel to expel the Palestinian people from their homeland through military conquest, fascism, and taking away their right to livelihood and basic human rights. It is not enough to take away their land, Israel builds walls in order to physically block out the existence of Palestine. The state of Israel is only able to do this with the full support and backing of US-led imperialism.

We also condemn the continuing US support for this genocide in the form of military aid amounting to $3 billion annually from our tax dollars. As Filipinos, we share a common struggle with the people of Palestine as millions of US tax dollars are also annually allocated to support the fascist Philippine military. Puppet Philippine president B.S. Aquino and his US-backed troops are also waging a brutal war of repression with countless human rights violations against our people as they organize for genuine freedom and democracy in our homeland.
We call on all Anakbayan-USA chapters and Filipino youth across the U.S. to stand side-by-side with the Palestinian people in their struggle for national liberation. We must take to the streets and let the cries of those who suffer from U.S.-Israeli imperialism be echoed here in the ‘Belly of the Beast’. We must stand against injustice everywhere, from Palestine to the Philippines.






Statement from the International League of Peoples’ Struggle: here

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