Statement in Celebration of Union del Barrio’s 5th Congress on 31 Years of Struggle for Raza Self Determination and Resistance against US Imperialism

December 16, 2012

Statement in Celebration of Union del Barrio’s 5th Congress on 31 Years of Struggle for Raza Self Determination and Resistance against US Imperialism 

Eugene Gambol

International League of People’s Struggle- Southern California

Anakbayan San Diego

On behalf of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle member organizations in Southern California and as an officer of Anakbayan San Diego, we extend militant greetings to our sisters and brothers of Union del Barrio! The ILPS is an anti-imperialist and democratic united front of people’s organizations in more than 40 countries worldwide: Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. As a member organization of ILPS, Anakbayan San Diego, a comprehensive youth and student organization, stands in solidarity with other revolutionary movements as our struggles are connected beyond racial, national and political boundaries established by U.S. imperialism.

On this momentous weekend, our member organizations are here with you to celebrate your 5th Congress and Union del Barrio’s 3 decades of struggle for the working class. ILPS recognizes Union del Barrio for it’s bold and daring work to organize the Mexican and Latin American working class within the borders of the US imperialist state. ILPS supports the struggles for national and social liberation and self-determination that are currently being waged around the world. We commend Union del Barrio for its commitment to wage an Organized Liberation Struggle for Raza self-determination, the re-unification of Mexico and the socialist integration of Nuestra America.

We also recognize Union del Barrio for it’s international solidarity work. From the recent ILPS press conferences in support of the Arab Spring to solidarity work and integrations with the peoples of El Salvador, Nicaragua and Venezuela from comrades in Los Angeles to continued support of immigrant and worker rights on May Day in San Diego. Companero Ernesto Bustillos highlighted the importance of internationalism and connecting our people’s struggle to those suffering all over the world against U.S. imperialism.  By following his example, we honor his life and contribution to the anti-imperialist movement. We look forward to strengthening unity as we continue to work together at the frontlines of the anti-imperialist struggle. As anti-imperialists, we must continue to link and raise our local struggles to the struggles of those around the world who are fighting US imperialism in order to build a brighter future.

Union del Barrio was part of the historic founding assembly of the International League of People’s Struggle 10 years ago. In July of 2011 at the 4th international Assembly held in the Philippines, peoples organizations from Venezuela, Honduras, Ecuador and Guatemala joined the ILPS and resolved to form an ILPS Latin American Regional Organizing Committee. This year the ILPS-US country chapter was established and the first ILPS country chapter of Latin America was established in the Dominican Republic. We look forward to building stronger unities with Union Del Barrio!

Long Live Union del Barrio!

End US imperialism!

Onward with the struggle with a socialist perspective!

Long Live International Solidarity!


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