Remembering Martial Law II


Photo: Copy of a poster from the 1970s – marching against martial law in SD!

To observe the declaration of martial law in the Philippines, AnakBayan-SD and some friends screened the film Dekada ’70 and discussed reactions to the story as a film, recounted experiences of talking about this time with parents/relatives.  Moreso, there was discussion about the relevance of the movie’s themes to the current Marcos-like Arroyo regime.  The calls to action such as, “Justice to All Political Prisoners,” are the same as todays!

The human rights situation is actually worse under the Arroyo administration in comparison to the Marcos dictatorship.  Although many of AB-SD cannot recall personal accounts of what it was like in the Philippines during martial law, we are very familiar with the practice of extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, and tortures that occur today among Arroyo’s critics: youth, students, workers, peasants, journalists, teachers, and women.

With the abduction and torture of FilAm Melissa Roxas (founding member of a Bayan-USA organization Habi Arts) and the more recent abduction of Noriel Rodriguez  (AnakBayan-National Capital Region member), AnakBayan-San Diego continues to call on the ousting of President Arroyo as she is making efforts to extend her power through her term.

Never again to martial law!

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